I Design Beautiful and Minimal Interfaces and then build them

We were very excited to push the new design into the live site at Slippers.com. After evolving from an affiliate site into direct selling, we know that Slippers.com is going to be big. As the company grows so too will the overall look and feel of the website.

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Slippers.com is a niche affiliate e-commerce shop that specifically sells only slippers. It was founded by Michael Roth a.k.a. the “Slippers King” and designed and developed by WeSpotlight.com – a small Internet Consulting firm who specializes in Web Development and Marketing. An initial launch took place in Early 2015 and has undergone several cosmetic changes since then, as well as onboarded several manufacturers to sell directly through the site. It is currently in the process of product development and will relaunch sometime later 2016.

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